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Best Restaurant in Purley 2023

"Symphony of mouth-watering delights"

Nestled in the charming town of Purley, a culinary gem shines with the brilliance of the majestic peaks it's named after - Himalaya. This award-winning Indian restaurant is not merely an eatery; it's an aromatic journey through the diverse landscapes of India and Bangladesh, presented in a symphony of mouth-watering delights.

As you step into Himalaya, you are greeted by an ambiance that effortlessly marries traditional Indian charm with contemporary sophistication. It's akin to taking a stroll through the bustling streets of Mumbai, but with a touch of Purley's quaint tranquility. The decor, steeped in vibrant colors and intricate patterns, sets the stage for the gastronomic spectacle to follow.

The food at Himalaya is a celebration of India and Bangladesh's rich culinary heritage. Each dish is a vivid tapestry of flavors, intricately woven to create a sensory experience like no other. The curry is a marvel, a riot of spices tamed by the gentle sweetness of tomato and cream. The tandoori offerings, smoked to perfection, are a testament to the magic of slow cooking. And their Balti Bhuna and Lamb Rogan Josh? Simply sublime.

But what truly sets Himalaya apart is the authenticity that permeates every aspect of their offerings. Whether it's the traditional cooking techniques or the fresh ingredients, there's a tangible respect for the culinary traditions that have shaped these cuisines. Each bite is a tribute to the culture and people whose origins across India and Bangladesh have influenced its culinary history.

The service at Himalaya is as warm as a sun-soaked afternoon in the foothills of the Himalayas. The staff is attentive and professional, ensuring each guest feels welcomed and cherished. They serve each dish with a smile, their genuine hospitality enhancing the overall dining experience.

In essence, Himalaya is more than a restaurant; it's an immersive culinary journey, a delightful sojourn into the heart of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Whether you're an ardent foodie or just someone looking for a delicious takeaway, Himalaya promises an experience that is as memorable as it is satisfying.

So, if you find yourself in Purley, do make a point to visit Himalaya - your taste buds will thank you for the treat!

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