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A Cornish Gem Worth Discovering!

Embarking on a journey to Cape Cornwall Club in Penzance, Cornwall, was nothing short of a delightful culinary adventure. This unique venue is not just a club/hotel but a destination that caters to all senses, providing an experience that I will undoubtedly remember for years to come.


The restaurant and bar are set in a modern, open space that perfectly balances casual comfort with the sophistication of fine dining. The panoramic views of the wild Cornish cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean beyond are simply breathtaking, adding an unforgettable backdrop to an already remarkable dining experience.

The menu at Cape Cornwall Club is truly a testament to the talent and creativity of their executive chef, Ian Salmon. The variety of meals offered throughout the day, from relaxed breakfasts to indulgent dinners, ensures that every palate is catered for.

One of the standout features of this restaurant is its themed dining events, which are a true highlight. These gastronomic journeys around the world, from Thai Night to Cornish Coast Night, showcase the versatility and skill of the kitchen team, creating anticipation for each unique dining experience.

The bar, open daily from 8am, offers an excellent selection of drinks and snacks. Whether you're starting your day with a coffee or ending it with a local ale, the bar provides a relaxed setting to enjoy the stunning surroundings.

The staff at Cape Cornwall Club were warm and welcoming, providing top-notch service that made the entire experience even more enjoyable. The online booking system is user-friendly, making it easy to plan ahead and secure a table for these popular dining experiences.

In conclusion, Cape Cornwall Club offers a superb dining experience in an unparalleled location. With its diverse menu, themed dining events, and exceptional service, it's a must-visit when in Cornwall. I eagerly anticipate my next visit, and I highly recommend Cape Cornwall Club to anyone seeking a unique and satisfying culinary journey.

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